The mobil home parking area is open during the period from the 14th. of May untill the 1. of October.

IMPORTANT !!! Caravans are referred to the area´s campsites. Please see this link (are under construction)

General information for mobil homes.

Parking fee  for mobile homes:
170,- kr. parking fee per. Day.

Parking fee is checked: 
– Parking fees for mobile homes are checked at the mobile homes parking area.
– The parking fee is checked once a day, after 18.00.

Location of the site:

South of the clubhouse car park towards the gray field that marks the road to Sydhavnsvej.


On the site there is also access to wireless internet, everything is included in the price.

Cardiac pacemaker:

It is located in the aisle of the new toilets. Shopping: It is not far to the nearest mall and eatery. See more here

Barbecue areas:

East and west of the clubhouse. See the conditions here.


In front of the mobil home parking area. See more here.

Toilet and shower:

There are access to the toilet and bathfacilities at the clubhouse. See the conditions here. You will also find Handicap toilet and bathroom.

Drainage points for greywater and chemical toilets:

South of the clubhouse. See the conditions here.

History: The mobil home parking area first opened in 2014.


Find your way to the Parking-area

20 Parking spaces are ready for mobilhomes from the 15th. of Maj.

You will find the area for parking mobil homes at the adress: Haderslev Sejl–Club, Sydhavnsvej 1F, 6100 Haderslev.

Haderslev and the surrounding area. 

Haderslev has many very fine attractions to offer, so turn on your GPS, and enter this address as your favorite: Haderslev Sejl-Club, Sydhavnsvej 1F, 6100 Haderslev.


It is important for us to point out, that parking is ONLY for mobil homes, and NOT allowed for camping and caravans.