Dear sailor – and motorhome guests

We warmly welcome all guests to Haderslev Sejl-Club (HSC) – located at the red clubhouse building just after X-Yacht’s boatyard on the south side of Haderslev Harbour.

Haderslev Fjord is long – about 9 nautical miles, and also one of the most beautiful fjords in Denmark!

The guest berth in the HSC is marked with max. width, so you have the opportunity to find the right space on the first try. 

Note! There may be a difference in water depths, at the different berths, depending on wind direction. “Reserved” guest seats have been made immediately in front of the red clubhouse building. They are all equipped with inhaler lines.

The motorhome pitches are located immediately south of the red clubhouse building. There are about 20 seats reserved for the motorhomes. Access to the pitches takes place between the two bends (red and green) approximately in the middle of the campervan.

Newly constructed toilets and bathrooms can be found at the eastern end of HSC’s clubhouse building. Both family bathing rooms and facilities for disabled people are provided.

A vending machine for payment of port and space money is set up in the middle aisle of the clubhouse building. Payment is made by debit card. In the vending machine, cards are drawn for use in the bath and toilet areas, as well as cards for use with washer and dryer.

In the lobby of the clubhouse building– which is about in the middle of the building – a PC has been set up which can be used by our guests.

The code key for free HOTSPOT is shown on the port ticket, which is available at the time of payment.

Loan bikes are located at the workshop building on the southeast corner of the square. The code for the locks is shown in the port ticket, which is obtained at the time of payment.

During the season, a harbour controller passes by both on the bridges and at the motorhome site.

Carsten Mikkelsen
+45 29 92 28 54